• David R. Paquette

    IT Contractor with Federal Government of Canada/Large Canadian Corporation

  • Over 24 years of Information Technology work experience


    • Four years (recent experience) in Federal Government - Department of National Defence - Project Control Office - Integrated Logistical Support.

    • Eleven years call center and telecommunications experience.

    • Six years experience working with Global partners and vendors.

    • Seven years of experience with PC hardware, Software configuration, workstation, and server support,(NMSO) Seller (Hardware and software certifications).



    • Managing and launching Call Center sites with external partners (Canada and India).
    • quarterly business review (QBR) sessions.
    • Statements of Works (SOW) and Requests for Proposals (RFP).
    • Coaching, Developing, Managing Teams, and vendors.
    • fulfilling technical help desk requirements while keeping a strong sales record.
    • handling multiple projects while meeting strategic business objectives and requirements.
    • IN analytical Problem Solving with “in/outside the box”thinking.
    • effecting change/challenging status quo on Various business requirements.
    • working extended hours in order to meet project requirements and Deadlines.
    • acquiring an accurate understanding of customer business context requirements.
    • In Solving Production Problems when under Tight timeline constraints, ambiguity, and stress.
    • leading, motivating and influence a group toward homogeneous business objectives.
    • solving complex operational business problems.
    • Programming Applications, databases, and reporting analysis with various Tools and development environments.
    • developing and adapting key strengths and knowledge requirements with people and teams.


    * Recognized and awarded over 16 times for exceptional performances in my various call center roles *





    Current Secret Security Level lI - (September 2022), Controlled Goods - (June 2019)

    Promaxis Systems Inc.

    D.G.M.E.P.M - ADM(mat) – HCM/FELEX/Project Control Office – Integrated Logistics Support

    Technical Writing Consultant/Contractor​​

    Jun 2012 – Jun 2016


    D.G.M.E.P.M - ADM(mat) – HCM/FELEX/Project Control Office - Integrated Logistical Support duties on "Halifax-Class Modernization (HCM) / Frigate Life Extension (FELEX).


    Project Link: http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/business-equipment/halifax-frigate.page


    Synopsis: Technical Writing, Documentation, Programming, and Reporting on Project Processes, Project Procedures, and Specifications in Project Control Office - Integrated Logistical Support. Liaise with various project departments, members, and subject matter experts to confirm requirements/data.


    List of the additional PCO-ILS activities:

    (C&S) = Creation & Support, (S) = Support or Updating Report

    • HCM - SWG - Management (S)
    • HCM Scope Audit Test and Trial /IS status (S)
    • HCM EC-ILS Status Reporting (S)
    • CSIC Material Status Reporting (S)
    • CSIC Warranty Documentation (C&S)
    • CSIC DAB ILS Update Report (C&S)
    • HCM Warranty Incident Rectification Process Documentation (C&S)
    • HCM Warranty Process Flow - Documentation (C&S)
    • HCM Warranty EC Dismantle Process Flow Documentation (C&S)
    • HCM Cataloging Documentation Reporting (C&S)
    • DSAT Comparison Reporting (C&S)
    • PSOW & DAB SOW Comparison Reporting (C&S)
    • Sparing Analysis Comparison Reporting (C&S)
    • Ad-hoc Reporting on project management performance metrics (C&S)
    • Programming Microsoft Applications Interconnectivity (SharePoint, RDIMS(PC-docs) MS Office VBA, 2003, 2010, on Windows XP and Windows 7, (C&S)
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro (Ver. 9. - 11) usually with a SAP warehouse pull, Oracle DB pull, and/or manual data integration/extraction (C&S)
    • Building internal process and procedural maps with Microsoft Visio 2003, 2007, 2010 (C&S)
    • SAP Experience with (MM, SD, PP, PDM, QM, PM, SM, PS) modules through a custom application configuration (DRMIS) Defence Resource Management Information System (S)
    • Adobe LifeCycle Designer building of static and interactive PDF forms and reports (C&S)




    Contact Center Business Intelligence (CCBI) 

    Associate Analysis and Results

    Jul 2007 – Aug 2011


    Synopsis: To analyze, repair, build, develop, document, automate, improve on business project processes, report on results/risks/probability for global operations, and provide solutions when possible.


    Performance metrics: Report Development and Production, Adhoc Requests, Developement, and Personal/People Leadership

    Report Development & Production:

    • Timely delivery of reports, solutions, and applications.
    • Quality of reports, analysis, development and documentation
    • Process improvement, automation, and report improvement /consolidation
    • Detailed documentation of report /solution, production, and programming/development.

    Ad-hoc requests /new reporting solution requests:

    • Client Interactions to be clear, concise, based on data, and unbiased
    • Adhoc Requests to adhere to same performance metrics as report production
    • New Reporting Solutions and Analytics to adhere to SDLC stages and various project performance metrics.
    • Report Management Tool tracking adherence.


    • Demonstrate and maintain proficiency using Excel, Access, SQL, CCAR, VBA, and other programming languages when required.
    • Ability to design a report mock up outlining charts, trends, applications
    • Ability to create and link to pivot tables, in programming, and in applications
    • Ability to create, and modify SQL and access queries on all data sources
    • Ability to investigate and troubleshoot data integrity issues and provide solutions
    • Ability to provide a solution to coding problems which might interfere with reporting.


    Personal and People Leadership:

    • General - Demonstrates Confidence in Self and Others
    • Personal Leadership - Self Awareness and Development
    • People Leadership - Fairness & Diversity


    My clients in this role included Bell Canada Global Operations Management, Bell Canada Line of Businesses, and Vendor Management.


    Bell Canada

    Strategic Partnership Management

    Partnership Specialist/Partnership Manager

    Mar 2006 – Jul 2007


    Synopsis: Assist in project performance management of various vendor/partner contact centers. Key Performance Indicators were used to achieve a balanced, and positive customer experience in order to meet and exceed contract requirements.


    Performance metrics:

    • Contact center validation, inspection, and verification of invoicing.
    • Quality assurance monitoring of customers inbound calls into various technical and business call centers.
    • Report production, and results analysis of contact center performance metrics. Isolate trending opportunities, and provide solutions for performance gaps discovered.
    • Partnership liaison between Bell Canada, and vendor/partner locations for ongoing support and business process implementation.
    • Vendor Manager and SME role in pioneer project. This was the Bell Internet off-shoring initiative of technical call center support implementation. This included numerous project initiatives to achieve this transfer of Bells business processes and procedures to the new off-shore vendors.


    Worked in close partnership with other Bell teams such as Marketing, Agent Compensation, Billing adjustments, Executive Care Office, Quality Assurance, Contract Management, Project Management, Workforce Management.


    Bell Internet

    Bell Internet - Sympatico Technical Help Desk 

    Technical Help Desk Team Manager

    Aug 2004 – Mar 2006


    Synopsis: To create a supportive environment by coaching to expectations, setting expectations/goals, inspecting, analyzing results; all in a circular format to improve performance results.


    • Coaching and motivating my team of multidisciplinary agents to meet exceed business and individual requirements.
    • These agents were to meet and adhere to many stringent key performance metrics (KPI) while utilizing over twenty various tools, call scripting, and multitasking to accomplish a first call resolution approach.
    • Agents were required to coach consumer clients to a positive nature on each call.
    • Agents handled both business and technical bilingual calls during their shifts.
    • This six-month revolving team of agents was required to be logged into their virtual phone software and hardware while meeting their shift requirements each day.


    * Achievement: Development/creation of dial-up call troubleshooting for client first call resolution. This later became a standard for all Bell Internet managers and agents to follow.


    Bell Internet

    Bell Internet - Sympatico Help Desk

    Multidisciplinary Customer Service Representative (Handled calls for multiple lines of business)

    Jan 2001 – Jun 2003


    Synopsis: To resolve all consumers varying levels of technical and business office issues.


    • To meet /exceed business and individual fist-call-resolution requirements with consumer clients.
    • To adhere to many stringent key performance metrics (KPI) while utilizing over twenty various tools, call scripting, and multitasking to accomplish a first call resolution approach.
    • On occasion required to assist coach fellow agents on calls with consumer clients to a positive resolution.
    • Resolve all consumer business, technical, and executive care calls during my shifts.
    • Required to be logged into their virtual phone software /hardware while meeting my shift requirements each day.
    • To track and bring attention to a supervisor of any new issues and or solutions to consumer call issues.
    • To document, track any and all issues while on calls or assigned to special projects.


    SHL/MCI System House & G.E. Technical Services

    Contracted & Subcontracted for Hardware Repair and Upkeep.

    Computer Hardware and Software Representative (Dispatched to various customer locations)


    Synopsis: To resolve all consumers technical issues and repair various server & desktop RISC & X86 computer systems.

    • Dispatched to various government and industry sites (DND, NCR, Windshield Plant).
    • To resolve issues customer may have as quickly as possible.
    • Research and review requirements for new certifications
    • Follow-up with customers to ensure issues did not reoccur. 
    • Required to be log time, parts, travel distances and locations via phone system and via computer station. 
    • To track and bring attention to a supervisor of any new issues.
    • To document, track any and all issues while on service calls.
    • The company went through some transitions & restructuring. Then this contracting was outsourced to another company. Currently focusing on supply chain management. 


    Fifth Dimension Group of Companies​

    Employee - CAD Systems Support and Inside Sales Support

    Computer Hardware/Software Support and Inside Sales Rep. (Support Autodesk & Softdesk software and assist with inside sales)


    Synopsis: To resolve all consumers technical issues and to assist sales staff with technical specs and informational requirements.

    • Dispatched to various government and industry sites. Also worked internally supporting Sales staff. 
    • To resolve customer inquiries and requests as quickly as possible.
    • Follow-up with customers to ensure issues were resolved. 
    • Required to be call customers back and resolve software configuration issues. If I could not resolve then to escalate to the software Mfg for support on issue. 
    • To track and bring attention to a department manager any new issues that could impact sales and customer service.
    • To document, and track any and all issues while on service calls. 



    The best way to predict the future is to create it.

  • Transferable Skill-set


    Strategic Partnership Management -Vendor Management

    Software Documentation

    Procedural , Process, & Integrated Logistic Support

    Business Analysis

    Customized Reporting, Dashboards, & Programming of Microsoft Office Applications, Integration


    Call Center Management, Mobility, TV,  & Internet

    Customer Relationship Management  (CRM)

    Customer Service Management (CSM)



    University of Michigan

    Python for Everyone Programming with Python (Distinction)

    Michigan University Associate Professor - Charles Severence


    Personal Opinion "A great professor, teacher assistants, and support staff in this course"

    Activities: (Online Course) Fall Semester 2015

    Praxis Training Institute

    Network Technology 1996 - 1997


    This course was an open public competition for 15 paid placements (funded by various IT companies). 200 people were selected to compete for these 15 positions. I won a placement and placed third in the class at end of course. I also received a letter of recommendation from an executive director of this training institute.

    Activities: Course curriculum included the following (Novel Netware, WindowsNT - Workstation, WindowsNT - Server, TCP/IP, Windows 95).

    Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

    Architectural Technologist 1987- 1990



  • Awards

    Bell Canada

    • Written Commendation from the Office of (CEO - BCE - Office of Mr. Jean C. Monty) for excellence in customer service.
    • Top Performing front line Agent spotlight in Associate Directors news bulletin.
    • Agent - Representative Speaker - Bell Agent Conference.
    • Multiple - Star Agent positions earned as customer service agent.
    • Software Tester for Insight Server and Client implementation.
    • Team Lead - Customer Satisfaction - Special Project for Bell Canada Partner in Dell Computer Promotions.
    • Top Supervisor and Top Team Performance Technical Support - Team and Supervisor Competition 2005.
    • Bell Pioneer Project - Subject Matter Expert & Acting Manager Offshore (India).
    • Many Eclipse Nominations and Awards for project reporting implementation and design.

    Business Award

    Standford Award for Outstanding Leadership or Achievement in their profession.

    Athleticism Awards

    • World Tae Kwon Do Championships  1989 Cairo Egypt (Bronze Medalist)
    • Award for Provincial Champion - Premier Government of Ontario - Tae Kwon Do -1986
    • Provincial Champion -  Tae Kwon Do - 1986
    • Provincial Champion -  Tae Kwon Do - 1987
    • Provincial Champion -  Tae Kwon Do - 1988
    • Award of Excellence - City of Ottawa - 1987
    • Award of Excellence - City of Ottawa - 1988
    • Award of Excellence - City of Ottawa - 1989
    • Award from Travelers association of Canada - excellence in sports 1987
    • Award from Travelers association of Canada - excellence in sports 1988
    • Award from Travelers association of Canada - excellence in sports 1989 

    * There are more winning results but I feel listing them all would be excessive.

  • Volunteer Work

    These are the various charities I have done volunteer work for.

    Ottawa Food Bank

    Food Pick Up Driver

    CHEO - Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario

    Teddy Bear Picnic & CHEO Telethon Representative

    Bell Volunteer Team & Community Affairs Team

    Ottawa Food Bank, CHEO Activities, KIDS in need/Back to school program, Various other community volunteer work.




    Expertise in Project/Product Management & Product Development

    I had the privilege of reporting into Dave as a Full Service Technician. Dave was an efficient manager. Reliable, innovative and customer-service oriented. His knowledge and commitment to improving customer service was contagious. Above all, he was able to motivate, encourage, and push agents to strive for their best. He is a welcome addition to any team.

    Michel Surprenant - Associate Director - Strategic Partnership - Bell Internet

    When Dave worked for me, he was very good at coming up with alternative ways of improving process and precedures within the office. His analytical skills were always welcomed when looking at multiple sources of data.

    Steve Almeida - Workforce Management Analyst at MSI Corp

    I was David Paquette's Manager for over 2 years & he has been a pleasure to work with. David is very dedicated to his work & is constantly trying to find ways to improve himself as well as his productivity. One of his strengths is that he is able to think outside the box & find solutions to any problem.

    Dan. Mcconnell - Customer Experience Analyst at Rogers Communications

    While Dave was a team manager for Bell Canada he was energetic, strived to get the job done in the best possible method, went above expectations to deliver the strongest team of technical support that Bell internal had! We frequently worked together to devise new action plans, modify reports to better suit the companies needs. A strong relationship was built that continued for many years. Dave would be a key resource to any company that chooses to provide employment.

    Julie Jomphe - Directrice RH - HR Director

    David always works to reach targets. He will not let go even when obstacles arise. He is fun to work with and is efficient. He does not let others feel stressed even when things get more difficult and challenging and timelines are very tight . Very good asset to the team, it was really nice to have him as a colleague.

    James Durling - Senior Manager, International Banking Contact Centres at Scotiabank

    David openly shared his knowledge & suggesstions for improving the delivery & production of his reports. David's desire to conintuously learn and develop will serve him well in his next role at the organization of his choosing.



    Roland Berthiaume - BCE - Direct Manager (CCBI) Contact Center Business Intelligence

    Dave is very motivated in everything he does and is a forward thinker. He is consistently searching for new and innovative solutions to improve the quality of his reporting. It was a pleasure working with Dave.



    Ottawa, Canada Area